5. Abbreviations

Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting
AAA (Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting)
Acronym: AAA
AA Request
AAR (AA Request)
Acronym: AAR
Authentication and Key Agreement
AKA (Authentication and Key Agreement)
Acronym: AKA
Authentication Management Field
AMF (Authentication Management Field)
Acronym: AMF
ASR (Abort-Session-Request)
Acronym: ASR
Attribute-Value Pair
AVP (Attribute-Value Pair)
Acronym: AVP
Capabilities Exchange Answer
CEA (Capabilities Exchange Answer)
Acronym: CEA
Capabilities Exchange Request
CER (Capabilities Exchange Request)
Acronym: CER
Diameter EAP Request
DER (Diameter EAP Request)
Acronym: DER
Extensible Authentication Protocol
EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol)
Acronym: EAP
Extensible Authentication Protocol - Authentication and Key Agreement
EAP-AKA (Extensible Authentication Protocol - Authentication and Key Agreement)
Acronym: EAP-AKA
Extensible Authentication Protocol - Authentication and Key Agreement Prime
EAP-AKA' (Extensible Authentication Protocol - Authentication and Key Agreement Prime)
Acronym: EAP-AKA'
Extensible Authentication Protocol - Subscriber Identity Module
EAP-SIM (Extensible Authentication Protocol - Subscriber Identity Module)
Acronym: EAP-SIM
Equipment Identity Register
EIR (Equipment Identity Register)
Acronym: EIR
Evolved Packet Data Gateway
ePDG (Evolved Packet Data Gateway)
Acronym: ePDG
Home Location Register
HLR (Home Location Register)
Acronym: HLR
Home Subscriber Server
HSS (Home Subscriber Server)
Acronym: HSS
International Mobile Equipment Identity
IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
Acronym: IMEI
International mobile subscriber identity
IMSI (International mobile subscriber identity)
Acronym: IMSI
Authentication key
Ki (Authentication key)
Acronym: Ki
Mobile Application Part
MAP (Mobile Application Part)
Acronym: MAP
MAR (Multimedia-Auth-Request)
Acronym: MAR
Network Access Identifier
NAI (Network Access Identifier)
Acronym: NAI
Operator Code
OPc (Operator Code)
Acronym: OPc
Packet Data Network Gateway
PDN GW (Packet Data Network Gateway)
Acronym: PDN GW
Sometimes acronym PGW is used.
PPR (Push-Profile-Request)
Acronym: PPR
Reauthentication Request
RAR (Reauthentication Request)
Acronym: RAR
RTR (Registration-Termination-Request)
Acronym: RTR
SAR (Server-Assignment-Request)
Acronym: SAR
Subscriber Identity Module
SIM (Subscriber Identity Module)
Acronym: SIM
Sequence Number
SQN (Sequence Number)
Acronym: SQN
Service Set Identifier
SSID (Service Set Identifier)
Acronym: SSID
STR (Session-Termination-Request)
Acronym: STR
Transport Layer Security
TLS (Transport Layer Security)
Acronym: TLS
Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
TMSI (Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity)
Acronym: TMSI
Universal Subscriber Identity Module
USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module)
Acronym: USIM