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Radar support may be purchased at the time you purchase Radar. See https://radiatorsoftware.com/buy-from-radiator/ Opens in new window for details. Support contracts last for a limited period (typically one year) and may include a limited amount of pre-paid email support.
Radiator Software will respond promptly to support email during business hours, EEST timezone. Telephone support is not provided. We will keep track of the effort required to answer your support email, and inform you when your prepaid support time has expired.
If you have a Radar or Radius support contract, you may send email to: support@radiatorsoftware.com
Include your support contract identifier in the Subject line. If you don't have a support contract, we will not respond to your query on this address.
If you need an urgent response outside of the standard email support hours, you may want to post to the Radar mailing list instead. Someone will be sure to be awake somewhere in the world.