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The Radar Makefile.PL includes support for Windows systems without nmake.
  1. Download and install ActivePerl from http://www.ActiveState.com/ActivePerl Opens in new window. During installation, accept all the defaults. Allow setup to reboot your computer if it needs to.
  2. Connect your computer to the Internet so you can download any required Perl modules from ActiveState using PPM.
  3. Double click on c:\perl\bin\ppm (the Perl package manager). You will get a command line screen running ppm with a PPM> prompt.
  4. Type the command:
    • install Tk
    • The perl Tk module wil be installed for you.
  5. Close the PPM window. Perl and Perl Tk is now installed.
  6. Unpack your Radar distribution to a suitable location. Recent versions of WinZip can be used to decompress and unpack the distribution file.
  7. Start an MSDOS command window, change directories to the place where you unpacked Radar.
  8. Type
    perl Makefile.PL
    This will check that your distribution is complete.
  9. Run the regression tests with
    perl test.pl
    You should see some lines like "ok xx", and none saying "not ok xx".
  10. Install Radar by typing:
    perl Makefile.PL install
  11. You can now run Radar by typing: