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Radar is a real-time interactive graphical application for remotely monitoring one or more Radiator Radius servers. Radar allows administrators to remotely monitor, analyze and change the behaviour of Radiator.
Radiator is a highly portable and configurable Radius server from Radiator Software Oy. (see https://radiatorsoftware.com/radiator Opens in new window). Radar is a separate product (see https://radiatorsoftware.com/radar Opens in new window) which may come bundled with your Radiator purchase.
Radar makes an authenticated TCP connection to one or more Radiators. It periodically checks the health of each connected server and provides tools for monitoring, analyzing and changing the behaviour of each Radiator.
Using Radar, administrators can:
The rest of this document describes how to install, configure and operate Radar. The intended audience is experienced network administrators who are responsible for maintaining a Radiator installation.