3.110. <AcctLog EVENTLOG>

This clause logs accounting requests to Microsoft Windows Event Log. You can define as many AcctLog EVENTLOG clauses as you wish at the top level or within Realm or Handler clauses. Each clause can specify different logging conditions and a different log file.
AcctLog EVENTLOG is only available when Radiator is running on Windows

3.110.1. LogFormat

This string defines the format for success messages. You can use any special characters. For more information, see Section 3.3. Special formatters. The bind variables are replaced as follows:
  • %0: the result
  • %1: the reason string, usually this is empty if successful
  • %2: the tracing identifier string
The default value is:
LogFormat Accounting for user %n, \
          Accounting-Session-Id: %{Acct-Session-Id}, \
          Framed-IP-Address: %{Framed-IP-Address}, \
          Calling-Station-Id: %{Calling-Station-Id}