3.85. <AuthBy HANDLER>

This clause allows requests to be redirected to a Handler based on the Handler's Identifier. This allows rapid selection of a Handler from amongst many Handlers using a hash-based match, instead of relying on the normal linear search that is used to find <Handler> clauses. This can be useful in special cases where there are many Handlers, and where a PreHandlerHook is able to identify the correct Handler to use.
When <AuthBy HANDLER> runs, it uses the HandlerId to create the name of the desired Handler to use. The named Handler is found based on its Identifier, and the request is redirected to that Handler.

3.85.1. HandlerId

This optional parameter specifies how to derive the Identifier of the Handler to use to handle requests. When a request is received by AuthBy HANDLER, this string will be used to derive a Handler Identifier. If a Handler with that Identifier is found, the request will be redespatched to that Handler. Special characters are supported. Defaults to ”handler%{ Request:Called-Station-Id}”.