3.79. <AuthBy HTGROUP>

Checks group membership according to an Apache htgroup file. Apache is a popular HTTP server, and supports flat group files for authenticating web access. With <AuthBy HTGROUP> Radiator can authenticate users against the same files that Apache uses, in order to provide a single source of authentication information for both Apache and Radiator.
In order to use <AuthBy HTGROUP>, the user record must specify an AuthBy check item naming the Identifier of the AuthBy HTGROUP to be used. See the example in goodies/htgroup.cfg for details. During authentication, the user's GroupList check items will be used to check for group membership against the Apache group file specified by the GroupFilename parameter.

3.79.1. GroupFilename

Specifies the name of the Apache group file to consult. Special characters are supported (so you may have a different group files for different categories of users).