3.70. <AuthBy MULTICAST>

This clause sends copies of some or all RADIUS requests to all the remote RADIUS servers indicated by the embedded Host clauses. The syntax for this clause is very similar to <AuthBy RADIUS>, but where <AuthBy RADIUS> only sends to the second and subsequent Host if no reply is heard from previous Hosts, <AuthBy MULTICAST> always sends to all of them. If any Hosts do not reply, the usual retransmissions will occur (the number and timeout is configurable on a per-Host basis). For more information, see Section 3.42. <AuthBy RADIUS>.
It is not normally useful to send multiple copies of authentication requests to multiple hosts. However, it is sometimes desirable to send multiple copies of Accounting-Request. In this case, the IgnoreAuthentication flag will be useful.
This module was contributed by Andrew Ivins and Swiftel.
<AuthBy MULTICAST> understands also the same parameters as <AuthBy RADIUS>. For more information, see Section 3.42. <AuthBy RADIUS>.

3.70.1. LoopDetection

If this optional parameter is set, Radiator will not forward a request to a Host if the request to be forwarded was originally received from the same address. Defaults to no loop detection.
# Enable loop detection
LoopDetection yes