<AuthBy RADIATORPROXY> supports sending specially labelled RADIUS packets to a Radiator load balancer for forwarding to the actual destination NAS. This module can be used together with <AuthBy DYNAUTH>, and currently supports only RFC 5176 dynamic authorisation requests that need to originate from Radiator and be sent by the LB towards the NAS. For more information about <AuthBy DYNAUTH>, see Section 3.98. <AuthBy DYNAUTH>. Gossip framework is supported for learning the LB addresses and dynauth ports. For more information, see Section 11. Using Gossip framework.
<AuthBy RADIATORPROXY> is a subclass of <AuthBy RADIUSBYATTR> and automatically handles retransmissions. For more information, see Section 3.99. <AuthBy RADIUSBYATTR>.
<AuthBy RADIATORPROXY> is currently experimental and not yet fully documented.

3.100.1. DynAuthPort

This defines the default destination port to which send RADIUS dynamic authorisation requests. The default value is 3799.
Here is an example of using DynAuthPort:
# This NAS does not use RFC 5176 defined port
DynAuthPort 1700