13. Compatibility with other servers

The flexibility of Radiator allows you to easily emulate the behaviour of Livingston and other similar radius servers. These radius servers use special entries in the user database file to control the behaviour of the server. Radiator, in contrast, uses the configuration file for controlling the server. Nevertheless, Radiator allows you to use the Group and Auth-Type check items that are sometimes used with Livingston compatible servers.
There is an example configuration file in goodies/livingCompat.cfg in the Radiator distribution. If you use Livingston style “Auth-Type = System” in a user entry in the user file, Radiator will consult the UNIX password file /etc/password to authenticate the user. Radiator will also behave in the same way with respect to DEFAULT users. You can have multiple DEFAULT users in a user database. During authentication, if there is no user name entry found for the user, the DEFAULT entries are checked in the order in which they appear in the file (this is the case with both AuthBy FILE and AuthBy DBM). The DEFAULT entries will continue to be checked in order until one is found where all the check items match and where the Fall-Through reply item is not set to “Yes”.
Radiator Software can assist with converting database dumps from other commercial RADIUS servers to standard Livingston format users file, including:
Contact info@radiatorsoftware.com for more details.