3.126. <DiaStatsLog xxxxxx>

This marks the beginning of a DiaStatsLog clause, which defines how to log Diameter statistics. The xxxxxx is the name of a specific DiaStatsLog module. This section lists the parameters all DiaStatsLogs use.
DiaStatsLogs may also use other parameters that are specific for that DiaStatsLog. DiaStatsLog clauses are defined at the top level configuration and they understand also the same parameters as <StatsLog xxxxxx>. For more information, see Section 3.122. <StatsLog xxxxxx>.
There is an example configuration file for the different <DiaStatsLog> clauses in goodies/diastatslog.cfg.

3.126.1. PeerAliveDetectionInterval

This integer defines the time interval during which the counter update must happen, otherwise the peer is considered to be inactive. The time interval is given in seconds. The default value is 60 seconds. PeerAliveDetectionInterval must be twice as long as the watchdog trigger time so that at least DWR/DWA are updated. Twinit default for watchdog trigger time is 30 seconds according to RFC 6733, thus PeerAliveDetectionInterval must be minimum 60 seconds. If this parameter is set to 0, it disables the peer alive checks.

3.126.2. PeerRemovalThreshold

This integer defines the number of StatsLog intervals how long an inactive peer is kept in memory. The inactive peer is removed from the memory when PeerRemovalThreshold * PeerAliveDetectionInterval seconds is elapsed. The default value is 1. If this parameter is set to 0, inactive peer cleanup is disabled.