3.72. <Host xxxxxx> within <AuthBy RADSEC>

This clause can be used to specify the name and details of remote RadSec servers inside <AuthBy RADSEC> and its subtypes. The <Host xxxxxx> clause further allows you to customise details for individual hosts. <AuthBy RADSEC> permits one or more Host clauses.
In the <Host xxxxxx> clause header, the xxxxxx is the Host name or IP address of the remote RadSec host to proxy to. The Host name can contain special formatting characters, which are resolved at startup. Here is an example of using Host clause within <AuthBy RADSEC>:
      <Host server1.test.com>
            Secret xyzzy
            TLS_CAFile ....
      <Host server2.test.com>
            Secret xyzzy
            Port 1645
            UseTLS 0
The following parameters can be used within a Host clause. They have the same meaning and default values as the parameter of the same name in the enclosing <AuthBy RADSEC>: