3.23. <ServiceDatabase INTERNAL>

This optional clause specifies an internal Service Database for radiusd.
SessionDatabase SQL is simple to configure but can not be used to synchronise multiple instances of Radiator. Internal Service Database loses all information when radiusd is shut down.
ServiceDatabase INTERNAL understands also the same parameters as ServiceDatabase xxxxxx. For more information, see Section 3.22. <ServiceDatabase xxxxxx>.

3.23.1. Service

This optional parameter defines one service for a Service Database. You can define multiple Service parameters. Format is "key1:value1 key2:value2 ...".
Supported keys are:
  • id
  • name
  • price
  • poolIPv4
  • poolIPv6
  • checkItems
  • replyItems
  • requireConfirm
  • expiry
  • prepaidTime
  • postpaidTime
  • prepaidQuota
  • postpaidQuota
  • allowQuotaToExceed
  • disallowResubscribe
  • prepaidUpRate
  • prepaidDownRate
  • postpaidUpRate
  • postpaidDownRate
  • throtUpRate
  • throtDownRate
For example a sample configuration, see goodies/README.hotspot and goodies/hotspot.cfg. Here is an example of defining multiple Services.
# Service 1: free, 1 hour, 50M data, no policers
Service name:free price:0 prepaidTime:1h prepaidQuota:50M \

# Service 2: price 1000 cents, 1 day, 100M data, 100M/10M policers
Service name:premium price:1000 prepaidTime:24h prepaidQuota:100M \
        prepaidUpRate:10M prepaidDownRate:100M

# Service 3: price 2000 cents, 1 day, 1G data, 100M/100M policers
Service name:gold price:2000 prepaidTime:24h prepaidQuota:1G \
        prepaidUpRate:100M prepaidDownRate:100M