3.128. <DiaStatsLog REDIS>

This clause logs statistics from all Radiator internal Diameter objects to Redis. Statistics can later be fetched from Redis for management applications, log transport agents, such as logstash Redis input plugin, or any later use. The statistics are currently logged in JSON format. <DiaStatsLog REDIS> uses GossipRedis for communicating with a Redis server. For more information, see Section 3.133. <GossipRedis>
<DiaStatsLog REDIS> is currently experimental and will be documented later.

3.128.1. StatsKey

This defines the Redis key to store Diameter stats. The default is Radiator::DiaStatsLogREDIS. You can use the special characters. For more information, see Section 3.3. Special formatters.
# Our key has identifier and farm instance
StatsKey Radiator:%{Server:Identifier}:%O:diastats

3.128.2. OutputFormat

This string defines the format for the statistics entries. Currently the only supported value is JSON, it is also set as a default.