3.123. <StatsLog FILE>

This clause logs statistics from all Radiator internal objects to a flat file. There is an example configuration file in goodies/statslog.cfg.
In StatsLogFILE, the specified filename is opened every Interval seconds, and the statistics for each object are logged, one line per object. An optional header line is also logged. For each object logged, the log contains a timestamp (in seconds since 1970), the type of the object and a unique identifier, if available, followed by the value of each statistic in alphabetical order by their symbolic name (see Table 10. Statistics collected within Radiator and usage in Format parameter). It will use the Identifier field of available, otherwise the object Name.
Statistics for the server as a whole (ServerConfig) will be logged first, followed by each Client, each Realm, each Handler. Within each Realm and Handler, each AuthBy used by that clause will be logged (recursively for AuthBy GROUP). Within any AuthBy RADIUS, statistics for Host clauses will be logged. You can find an example of the log format in goodies/statslog.cfg.

3.123.1. Filename

This is the name of the file to log statistics to. Defaults to %L/statistics. The file name can include special formatting characters, although data from the current request or reply are never available (logging is never done in the context of a current request. For more information, see Section 3.3. Special formatters.
Filename /path/to/my/stats.dat
Logging to STDOUT by specifying Filename as a single dash - is no longer supported. Support for this was removed in Radiator 4.18.

3.123.2. Format

This optional parameter specifies the format for each logging line. You can use this to control exactly what statistics are logged and in what order they appear.
If Format is not defined, statistics data will be logged in the following order (also shown is the special character that is available for that data in the Format specification). All fields will be colon separated.
# Log the timestamp, objtype, name and average response time
Format %0:%1:%2:%23

3.123.3. Header

This optional parameter allows you to customise the Header line that is logged before each set of statistics. It can be useful for describing the contents of each column when importing into Excel etc.
The default is a single line beginning with a hash, followed a name for each column, colon separated.
If Header is defined as an empty string, no Header lines will be written.
# No headers