3.124. <StatsLog SQL>

This clause logs statistics from all Radiator internal objects to an SQL database. There is an example configuration file in goodies/statslog.cfg.
For more information about what data is available for logging, see Table 10. Statistics collected within Radiator and usage in Format parameter.
By default, <StatsLog SQL> executes an SQL insert statement for each object to be logged, which includes a timestamp, object type, object name, and each statistic available for logging. <StatsLog SQL> supports all the common SQL configuration parameters. For more information about the SQL configuration parameters, see Section 3.8. SQL configuration. This clause ignores OutputFormat configuration parameter.

3.124.1. InsertQuery

This optional parameter specifies the SQL query to be used for each log. It can include special formatting characters. For more information, see Section 3.3. Special formatters. %0 to %23 are replaced by statistics data. For more information, see Section 3.123.2. Format.
The default is an SQL query something like this, which is compatible with the example RADSTATSLOG table created by the example database schemas in goodies.
stats names>) values (9999999, 'objectname', 'objectidentifier',
<statistics values>)
Here is an example that only logs a subset of the statistics:
InsertQuery insert into MYTABLE (TIME_STAMP, TYPE, ID, \
      RESPONSETIME) values (%0, %1, %2, %23)