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You can change and adjust many Radar configuration parameters with:
When Radar starts up, it attempts to restore its previous configuration from a configuration file. The default location of the Radar configuration file is:
The location of the configuration file can be changed with the -i flag (see Command line arguments).
Radar can save its configuration to the configuration file, so that each time you start Radar, it will start up with the same configuration as before, monitoring the same servers, and with the same loggers and plotters visible.
By default, Radar only saves its configuration when you select File->Save Radar Configuration. However, if you enable `Auto Save Configuration' in File->Edit Radar Configuration..., under the General tab, then Radar will save the new configuration every time the configuration is changed.
The configuration file may contain Radiator access passwords. If so, ensure the configuration file is suitably protected against access by unauthorized personnel.
In order for Radar to start next time with the same configuration, save the current configuration with File->Save Radar Configuration, or set Auto Save Configuration in File->Edit Radar Configuration, General tab.
The following chapters describe configuration options that are available under the File->Edit Radar Configuration menu.