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You can optionally display a Trace message logger for each monitored Radiator. This allows you to easily see error and warning messages sent by Radiator, and optionally to enable debug messages, allowing you to analyze how and why Radiator is handling certain requests.
Radar Trace logging is in addition to and completely independent of any other logging configured into Radiator. If you have your Radiator configured to log ERR messages to a FILE, it will continue to do so irrespective of the settings of the Radar Trace logger.
To view a Trace logger for a Radiator, click on the server in the server list, then choose Tools->Trace log. You will see a logger window in the tools area, similar to Figure 9. Viewing a Radiator Trace message log.
Radar can only show one logger per server. If you try to view a new one, nothing will happen.
As Trace log messages arrive, they are scrolled upwards in the logger window, so the most recent messages are always visible. The standard Tk text menu is available with the right mouse button, allowing you to cut and search for text. All the messages received by the logger are kept in the text buffer (and therefore within Radar) until the logger window is closed.
This can mean that Radar memory usage can grow very large if you turn it on to debug logging on a busy server.

Figure 9. Viewing a Radiator Trace message log

The logger window can be resized vertically at any time by dragging the adjuster in the lower left corner of the window.
You can change the Trace level for the Radar logger at any time with the level option menu in the logger window. Radiator then only sends log messages that are at or above the trace level set by the trace level menu in Radar.
You can specify a logger Filter, so that the logger will only show messages resulting from Radius requests that satisfy the filter and which are at or above the current Trace level. To create or alter a filter, click on the Filter... button. A dialog will appear,allowing you to specify one or more Radius attributes, values and matching rules. Only Radius packets that satisfy all the rules will be logged to the Radar logging window. To accept the new filter, click on OK. The filter rules wil be printed in the logger window, and the new filter will take effect immediately.

Figure 10. Editing the logger packet filter